(Day 169) Thursday, January 10, 2013: Goodbye to the Grandparents

My HD stayed home today, a guy who was inspecting if there are any animals in the house came this morning (we have mice in the basement :D) and the kids had to say good bye to their grandparents. They’ll have left when the kids come back from school already). So it was a really busy morning: Faizaan forgot his lunch on the bench and I forgot Sahir’s lunch on the island. Well all the saying goodbye…


While the grandpa showered I washed the dishes and emptied out the dishwasher until I could finally go shower, get changed and styled cause Celina and her parents were picking me up soon with their big truck :D Our first stop was Westport Compo Beach. Fortunately, the weather was amazingly wonderful and her parents saw everything from its best side ;) Celina’s HD gave us a map with a route we should drive along to see all the villas and beaches and harbors and he always texted her new things we should see :D He should have better come with us.

But the route was really nice and we went to places I’ve never seen before. There were big houses everywhere and another beautiful beach :)


Afterwards we went to Marshalls Shoe Shop in Westport and to the normal Marshalls in Norwalk where I bought a jacket from Columbia for $40 instead of $230 and a matching Fleece for $15 instead of $60. I know I wanted to save money for traveling but if fit so well and looked so good! I think it was a good deal because it’s very good quality and it will last forever. It will be the same thing like with my Timberland Boots I bought for $40 instead of $130 and I’m wearing them all the time ever since I bought them! I love them so much and they are worth every penny!

And since we wanted to go skiing next week I can use it for that :)


At home I was answering some mails and texting with Philipp over iMessage what was so much fun and like the best conversation ever :D

The Grandparents left at 2:40. It was actually very nice to have them over and the time ran by so quickly! The Grandma said: “I’m so glad I met you and saw how nice you are and how good you care for the kids!” That was really nice. I like them.


The kids came home, Sahir had a quick snack and then we already had to go to the Elementary School’s main entrance where they got picked up from their baseball trainer to have baseball for the first time as an after school activity. He seems very nice.

In my “freetime” I made croutons for tonight’s dinner and picked Sahir up at 6 again, boiled Tortellini and sauce and made cesar salad. My HD came home and picked up my HM from the station. I boiled some more tortellini just for her but she didn’t really eat them. Well…


After work I met with Colton (met him a few months ago in Black Bear) at Starbucks. He knew all the people there because he grew up here in Westport so we got the drinks for free :) Although I actually don’t like coffee I took a vanilla spice latte because it didn’t taste bad when Celina had it last time.

We sat down and talked very nice until he drove us over to the ice rink at the beach. He knew the people here as well cause he sometimes works here. Unfortunately, they were just closing. He was so sorry but it wasn’t a problem. We just went for a walk in downtown Westport on the riverside then.

Back at Starbucks we kept sitting in the car and talked a little more until I had to go.

He’s nice but we should really just stay friends I think ;D

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