(Day 170) Friday, January 11, 2013: Little moviestars

It was the first morning without the grandparents today and I started looking for apartments or rooms in Munich. I was kinda in the mood for that…I found a great one but I think it’s too early to look for that already, they all want people to move in in February or March.

I picked Celina up for the Gym and the guy who wanted my number was sitting there. It seemed like he was just sitting there to wait for girls to pass and talk to them. Oh my gosh that’s weird.

After the Steppers I met the guy from Monday again. He’s nicer I think.

We did a little more workout and met two nice German girls we’ve never seen before. They are AuPairs from Cultural Care living in Westport, also arrived about ½ year ago. They said they are almost every day in the Gym…


As soon as Sahir was home, we had to go to a friend’s house where a camera/film team was interviewing kids. I think it was regarding the shooting in Newtown but the younger kids (like Sahir) only had to answer questions like what they always wanted to do but never were able to do and where they always wanted to to go and never could…what they want to become when they grow up, their age, name and where they come from. Faizaan and Haroun also had to answer things like what they would tell Mr. Obama or what they would change in the law concerning the weapon industry.

They all did a very good job!! I’m proud! :)


We were home by 5:30 and Haroun had to be at 6 at the High School already for some celebration thing so he had to eat before and I made some chicken nuggets and steemed some vegetables for the others afterwards.

My HM said when she tried it: “ You really got a T on it” or something like that what means she really likes how I cook the vegetables with the sauce etc… :) Nice to hear that.


I actually just stayed home tonight since Celina is in NYC at her parent’s hotel and I’ll go to the city tomorrow night so I just relaxed a little and watched two movies: 21 (really good) and another one I don’t remember ;)



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