(Day 171) Saturday, January 12, 2013: With the Limo through New York City!!

I met with Saskia and two of her friends from Darien- Katharina and Linda, both from Germany. They picked me up from Park&Ride Parking lot near Merrit Parkway and Saskia drove to Trumbull Mall.

I told them: “I don’t want to buy anything today, please prevent me from buying something!!” Well what shall I say: They didn’t do a very good job! But at least I got some really nice pieces! A top, t-shirt, belt and underwear form Hollister for $23, underwear from Abercrombie for $6 (more than 50% off on all those pieces). We also went to a shoe shop because Saskia wanted to buy some new Sport Shoes what was the actual reason of going to the mall! They were all too expensive but I found Converse All Stars (the sole is lower than the original one but not as low as this other kind they had a few years ago) for only $20 instead of $50! I just had to take them! Before I came to the US I thought they are way cheaper than in Germany- but I was wrong! They are still expensive.

I’m so excited to wear them!!


I was home by 4, Falko picked me up at 4:30, we went to Wilton Library first to return some books and went back home to his house. They have a nice big house which has kind of unusual furniture but looks very cool! We printed something and he drove to Hannah in Fairfield where we styled ourselves and decided what to wear (Hannah and I asked, Falko decided haha). We had a lot of time so we relaxed and her kids were hanging out with us as well.

Her HF is also very nice although the house is kind of messy and I’m glad to live in our house ;)


We took the 8:30 train from Fairfield and the Subway to Penn Station where we first had to get money from an ATM to pay the LIMOUSINE-RIDE!!! Yes you read correct! We met with a Promotor in NYC and got a ride in a white Hummer-Limousine through the city!

The other girls in there turned on the music and it was sooo much fun! I was in such a good mood!!

There were a lot of German girls, some from the UK. It was a little tight in there but still cool to sit in a Limousine driving on the streets of New York!

We didn’t see that much of the city but we recognized being on Times Square! ;) It was an awesome experience though and one hour rushed by so fast!

We got dropped off at a club in downtown called Ayna and we came in for free but Falko had to pay $30!! I was so sorry for him!

It looked fancy and Arabian like a little bit…we got drinks and entrance for free, the music was pretty good so it was a great night there!!


At 4am the club closed so we took the sub back almost to Grand Central but walked the last part of the street to get a Bagel in the only open shop at that time. We were so hungry!

The first train back was the one at 5:30, Falko dropped us off and I was in bed at 8am and was texting with the girls I wanted to meet later that day- they were already awake- I said good night ;)

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