(Day 172) Sunday, January 13, 2013: Germany meets South Africa

I woke up at 12 and wasn’t even that tired although I’ve been awake for 26 hours and had 4 hours sleep…Today I picked up Saskia from Merritt Parkway and went to the ice rink in Longshore Club Park at the beach because we wanted to meet up with Katha (from Yesterday) and Ashleigh from South Africa (lives in Wilton). She wanted to bring another girl- Emma- from South Africa, Cape Town (living in New Haven, she’s so beautiful!).

At the ice rink we decided not to go ice skating since it was $15 Dollars and my feet still hurt from yesterday…


Instead, we went to Starbucks, sat there for a few hours and talked and talked. The South African girls told a lot of stories and we just got along very well with eachother.

Afterwards, we switched locations and drove to Panera Bread to have dinner (soup and salad) and talked again.

Ashleigh and Emma had to leave and we wanted to leave soon as well but still had to say so much and sat there for around another 1 ½ hours!


It was a very nice day and in the evening I only continued watching the movies on my external hard drive ;)

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    Juicers Reviews (Montag, 15 April 2013 09:13)

    This is an excellent post! Thanks for sharing!

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