(Day 173-177) Monday, January 14- Friday, January 18, 2013

On Monday, Sahir had “Little Scientist” as after school activity for the first time instead of paint, draw and more and for the first time the picking up was changed: They didn’t let the parents go in the school but wait outside and say the kid’s name to a woman who said it over radio (Funkgerät) and the child came out. Maybe it is because of what happened in Newtown? I don’t know.


On Tuesday we had to go to the Orthodontist in Redding for Faizaan and the Amex was declined…there was probably not enough money on it anymore!? Well I can pay it next time. My HM came home early so she could eat with us- my HD was in Washington DC overnight.

Later on I went to Celina and saw her again after 4 days! Feels like a long time! :D She skyped with the NYE’s guy, we talked a lot about all the news and watched Dschungel Camp Videos and the movie Pitch Perfect which was supposed to be really good. It was okay.


My HM woke me up at 6:20 on Wednesday morning to tell me it snowed over night and school is cancelled so we can sleep longer.

We woke up at 8 again, watched TV, went to Peter’s Market for Lunch and I also had to fill up gas really urgently! Haha there was only 4.63 on my Amex left. No wonder I couldn’t pay the $200 for yesterday! Well I just paid the rest with my own card.

Also the Lego Batman Set for Sahir arrived and we built that.

Sahir’s Friend came over from 2 to 5:30. I thought I have a little freetime now but they didn’t know what to do so we finally built a cave/fort in his bed but of course not without me. They didn’t let me go and we had a stuffed animal fight. At least we played “Game of Life” afterwards. Finally something else!

They always asked me what to do: be creative, guys! When I was a kid I wasn’t that clueless I think!

A few minutes later they totally messed up the game and I had enough! So I made them clean up everything and play Wii for the last few minutes.

In the moment I wanted to leave dropping off Faizaan, Sahir’s friend got picked up. I didn’t feel comfortable with leaving them alone at home but I know Haroun is very responsible and reliable!

After Dinner we built some more Lego and I went to Celina to hang out with her and Saskia.


A few things that happened today:


In the car after Peter’s Market the boys started talking about Nina (the old Au Pair): She drove up the driveway when someone picked up the mail instead of waiting even though it was cold; she never played with Sahir; she was mean to Haroun and Faizaan, called Faizaan stupid…

They said I am so much nicer and they like me so much more. “You are awesome!”

I couldn’t believe it! But it was nice to hear that!! J


Faizaan wanted to buy his brothers’ lunch today with his own money. I said I can pay the sandwiches and he should just pay for the junk food. It was very astonishing that he’s so social…they really have an other relation to money! For example they bought some Shrimp thing for $6 and couldn’t eat it in the end cause there was some kind of pig in it…I just gave it to Celina in the evening :D


Also, Faizaan was a little mean to me this morning cause we had a discussion about getting changed…later he came to me and apologized for his behavior, asked if we are the best buddies again haha. Sure! He can be so nice sometimes!!


Sahir said something while the stuffed animal fight like: That’s what you’re doing with friends and we are friends! Aww so sweet!


So I heard a lot of nice things today, but somehow it was still a very exhausting day!



On Thursday I could finally go to the Gym again, Sahir finished building the Lego Batcave. It really looks cool and he wanted me to play with it. It was kinda fun. My HM went to a town meeting about the gun laws, my HD had a squash match and Faizaan had to babysit for another family so I also had to babysit until 9. It was actually pretty nice with just two boys…Haroun is so responsible! He almost could have done everything on his own (putting Sahir to bed).

I was answering Mamas Email and am so excited about my maybe future-apartment in Munich and Mama’s and Papa’s vacatioin here!


Friday afternoon was really lazy actually. We were just watching TV, hanging around and had Take-Out Chinese for Lunch. But Sahir called me like his mum today: “Look Ammi (Mum) äh Alina…”

I didn’t eat with them cause Celina picked me up and we went to the Black Bear to have dinner.

Unfortunately, Celina forgot her Highheels at home so she had to go with boots which in the end wasn’t as bad as she thought at first. While eating there was a live-band playing but for the party afterwards there was a DJ. It got so packed today! There was even a long queue in front of the entrance and there were so many people on the dancefloor already…Really cool.

The party was ok and we met some people from the Fairfield U and their friends. They asked us if we want to come over so we decided to go for it. They were seniors so they lived in one of the houses near the Fairfield beach. The house was really dirty but at least we know some people now for the big beach party in spring ;))

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